Journey with us and rendezvous
with the French "Art de Vivre"
for you and your home!
The French Country Look 

The colors of Provence are warm, rich and intense.  They represent the colors of the earth, the flowers and the sky.  Yellows, greens, blues and reds, in various shades, tones and finishes.  Fabrics, natural materials, furniture and decorative objects are used to create this look.   For inspiration read various books that are available (many are sold in our shop) or if you are fortunate, visit Provence and you will definitely be inspired.

The pictures below show our designer's French Country Garden Room and what he calls the Parisian Country Kitchen.  We hope it will give you some inspiration for what you can do to create that French Country look in your own home.  The primary colors used in the rooms below are yellows and greens with a touch of red.  Many of the items used in these rooms were gathered during our trips to France.

Just click on the photo for a larger view.